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You can contribute to understanding jellyfish in Hong Kong by sharing your sting information!

 You can find sting prevention and treatment information here

 There is very little available information about jellyfish stings in Hong Kong. Many stings are likely to be dealt with onsite and not reported to hospital authorities, as basic treatment can be done by anyone assisting a sting victim. Of course, in cases of more severe stings, immediately seek medical attention! 

Hong Kong Jellyfish Project hopes to gain valuable insight into jellyfish stings by recording information that may be missed by the hospital system. By reporting a jellyfish sting here (no matter how minor), you are contributing to gaining valuable insights into jellyfish stings occurring in Hong Kong's waters. This information can be used to get a more detailed picture of jellyfish and contribute to the safety of all Hong Kong watersports enthusiasts! 

Data collected by the Hong Kong Jellyfish Project will be used only in aggregate form for presentations, reports, and publications. No personally identifiable information will be shared with any other organization or party. See Data Privacy Statement. ​

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Thank you for your valuable contribution!

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